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v (? = *con-íada (deut. unattested) Ériu xl 30 ) encloses, impounds : dobert Maine muca Mugna i tech fithe forchai robaí i ḟaithci in lis dia comdeth fria cinta. Baí mac dá bó isin tigh fá íadad. 'Maine brought the pigs of Mugna to a wattled covered house on the lawn of the enclosure to impound them for their offences. There was a "son of two kine" (i.e. a calf) locked in the house' Ériu xi 44 § III = CIH vi 2113.19 . co coimdidhther, co fascidter how is it kept? Laws i 266.1 `for coimdighther', Plummer Ériu ix 36 . ? ínpia résiu adgara coimdigter ina eighe (maxim), Laws iv 126.4 Comm. do tuit athgabháil fir cinuidh i faithe frisi coimdither, O'D. 619 ( H 3.17, 462 ) = fris i cuimdither coimde to which it is committed for safety, O'Curry 2706 ( Eg. 88, 60(61)a ). ? vn. coimded Ériu xl 30 .