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n , f. (coitchenn) generality, universality; state of being common property , etc.: cu mbeth R. i c.¤ mbethadh amail cach ordinary life, Lism. L. 2683 . do ch.¤ na minisdrighe = universitati Ministrorum, Rial. S.F. 1501 . Legal: ar a coitcinne na cladh sa `on account of their being held in common', Laws iv 222.1 Comm. tech rig .i. ar a coitcinde `on the score of being open to all', v 268.10 Comm. Gramm. arberamni . . . dede a gerint gnimo ┐ ch.¤ gl. idem significamus `the common' (verb), Thes. ii 229.23 BCr. (cf. coitchenn).

In phr. i c.¤ generally, in general; at large : ni horrdraíc i coitchínde in clann sin, BB 39a16 . Grecaig a c.¤ , Maund. 26 . cach i coitcinne, ZCP vi 33.15 . co tuc sidhe [an corn] do Dīa ┐ do Ciarān a coitcinne co brāth `jointly', Ériu ii 187.5 .