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Forms: comáireamh

n (áirem) comáireamh, IGT Verbs § 83 .

(a) act of reckoning, calculating; (reciprocal) reckoning, calculation, computation: comairemh gl. computacio, Ir. Gl. 913 . is i comairimh fil eturru this is the reciprocal calculation between them (balancing of accounts) (i.e. between flaith and céile), Laws ii 204.8 Comm. comraind ┐ comairem dligthech . . . do dénam air, O'D. 1961 ( Eg. 90, 7(8)c ). comāirim rīg hÉrenn . . . a xvi. a hĒogan, Corp. Gen. 126.24 . sesca [traiged] iar cóir chomármi according to exact calculation, LL 17834 . i n-ord comairme, Auraic. 3720 (cf. 3729 ; in uird comairme `ordinal numbers', 851 ). rob uasal . . . ar comáiremh a geinealaigh in respect of, SG 17.y . ba hí ár cuit re comáirim / . . . sméra . . . / cnó, 110.14 (`to relate'). in comairemsa for cinedu na cruindi (of a census), LB 149b57 . in Roim fein ina comairium `including', CCath. 655 . a c.¤ ar maccaib do fén `to be counted as His own children', PH 7890 . dochuaidh tar comairem ar thuit la Gyi, ZCP vi 32.4 . fuair chána gan chomháireamh (consonating with neamhuaradh) `beyond counting', Aithd. D. 20.3 . deireadh cumainn cómháireamh with the end of an association comes the reckoning of accounts, 68.33 . Cf. 89.1 . cúntas nó comháireamh = rationem, TSh. 807 . cóireamh cruidh, Ó Bruad. ii 38 iv .

(b) In Laws of the equal amount of stock that may be put on to common land by those who have grazing rights; `proportional stock' (Plummer MS. notes): imfean ceachtar in da comarba oghníme (sic) ┐ doberad comaiream ind `equal stock', Laws iv 128.9 ( .i. do indillib, 130.1 Comm. ). a roind fo cetoir, no comairium do brith indti (i.e. on to the land), iv 22.37 Comm. im comhairium a tir ndibuidh, ii 74.19 Comm. tir comairme, iv 102.3 Comm.