1 -dan-, -tⁿ-

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Last Revised: 2019


(nasalising) infixed pronoun 3 sg. m. It is used (a) relatively, see -dn- (b) in non-relative construction after preverbs: ad-, aith-, as-, con-, etar-, for-, frith-, in(d)-, uss-; see GOI §§ 415, 417f.

In Mid.Ir. -dan - is replaced by -da- (originally the 3 sg. f.) and -das-, -dos-. Cf. Sommer, ZCP i 197 , 229 . Pedersen KZ xxxv 401 sq. Strachan, Ériu i 153 sq. Thurneysen, Thurn. Hdb. 248 sq.