2 -dan-, -don-

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infixed pron. 1 pl., GOI §§ 412-415, 417f. , Sommer ZCP i 186f.

(a) Class B: fordoncain gl. erudiens nos 'it teaches us', Wb. 31c16 . frinn fanisin cotondelcfam gl. conparantes nosmet ipsos nobís 'with ourselves we will compare ourselves', Wb. 17b10 . cotanrirastarni gl. obligemur 'we shall be bound', Ml. 134a1 . cía atangládar who addresses us? Ériu i 46. 23 . aes cerdda atancomnaic we are poets Mór M. 266.12 . See II (a) (b).

(b) Class C: is hé nodonnertani 'it is He that strengthens us', Wb. 6d11 . amal asndonberat 'as they say of us', Wb. 2a12 . isindí rondannícaisni 'in that Thou hast saved us', Ml. 89a6 .