1 accarda

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n m. refuge, asylum . Derived by Gwynn, Hermathena xlix from ad + cairde, but most exx. indicate a form with lenited -d-. Cf. however SG 381 cited below. tuc . . . a.¤ ┐ anucul do Tiabandaib, TTebe 2858 . Frequ. in contexts associated with St. Molling and used of a stream or water- course. Perh. as n.loc. (cf. taídiu): is and so bías m'a.¤ (: cotulta) mo thaídiu uasin tuile, LL 305a28 ( SG 381.39 ). taidiu ann is acarda (: abartha), Anecd. ii 22.4 . an t-acardha ainglidhe / ga hess as glaine gaire, 24.17 . ba lór lem dom athbaistedh / in t-acardha uar, 25.6 .

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