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Forms: daithemail

adj i, daithemail, derivative from 1 dath and 2 daith.

I Coloured : HSD from MSS; no instance from Ir.

II Of a fair complexion or colour; fine, handsome, beautiful, comely, graceful : datta .i. dathaṁail, O'Cl. do drechaib digraisi dathamla MR 114. 20 . Frequent in Mod.-Ir.: dá mairfeadh an dís dathaṁail (of Diorraing and Oscar), Oss. i 70. 17 . moluidhsi an tighearna...óir is dathaṁuil ┐ is aoibhinn a ṁoladh, Bedel Ps. cxlvii 1 . Cf. 1 Cor. vii 35 . Often said of girls: bean bhreagh dhathaṁail, Séadna 51. 21 ; 82. 9 .—Lhuyd (datheṁail and dathaṁuil pleasant), P. O'C. O'Br. O'R. Dinn. ; Sc. dathail, HSD. Macd. M‘Alp.