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n o. A pair of persons. Cf. trecheng. The want of eclipsis, Fél. Mar. 6 (decheng deodae), points to masculine gender. The frequent writing drecheng after prím and mór does not prove neuter gender, as it may be = threcheng.—By Irish grammarians associated with cing `a champion' or with cenn `a head' (`a person'): decheng .i. dá ching nó dá chend, O'Curry Transcr. LB. cing .i. trénfer ut est inmain deceng deoda, Thr. Ir. Gl. 130. 16 . Cf. trecheng .i. tríar .i. trí cinn móra, Fél. Sept. 16 n. .i. trí cind, ib. p. 248 . décheng with é, Fél. Nov. 26 (Laud 610). Elsewhere always decheng as trecheng. deicheng, LL 29 b 36 . dechenn, Fél. Nov. 26 v.l., cf. trechenn, BDD § 93 . —The inflexion is against the derivation †dé-ching. Besides dechenc can hardly be separated from trethenc, Wb. 29 c 5 : cui gloria honor et imperium sempeternum .i. is trethenc comadas do it is a fitting triad to him. The relations between this and trechenc, dechenc are obscure. In Mid.-Ir. treicheng and treitheng would render one and the same pronunciation (†treheŋ).—Dech-enc and treth-enc either cpds. with †cenc, †tenc, or derivatives of Pre-Celt. and Indo-Eur. †dueiko-, duiko-, and †tṛt[i]o-, trit[i]o-; the former is represented by Teut. †tvī˘ha(n)- consisting of two (also of persons as O. Eng. mid unc twîh between us twain), Scr. dvika-; the latter by Lat. tertius, Teut. þridjan-, Gk. τρισσός and W. trydydd. Apart from the gender trethenc seems identical with ON priðjungr a third, dechenc with O. Eng. twēoung (†twīhungō-). For the treatment of unaccented -nk, cf. 1 cumang (con-icc) and crobang `a fistful' which seems a derivative of crob.

Of saints: inmain decheng deodae...Felicitas...Perpetua, Fél. Mar. 7 . cain d.¤ , Sep. 6 . a s. guid decheng (v.l. décheng, dechenn, decheceng) ṅderb ṅdálach...Banbán... Siric, Nov. 26 . mórdecheng, Nov. 28 v.l. Of kings and warriors : cathach decheng dána fial: Feidelmid [Clothach] Cormac Ciar, Rawl. 116 a 5 = cath[ach] déceng, etc. (corrupt) LL 387 a 34 . assa decheng lassa torchair, YBL 13 a 27 . Snedg. u. Mac R 12. 11 . Of chiefs and professionals : druid ┐ aire désa deicheṅg nád bí dóer, LL 29 b 36 .—Obs.