1 díchell

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Forms: dichle, dichill, díchill, díchill, dīchil, díchill

n ā, f. and o, m. (g s. dichle, Laws iv 60.21 . dichill, BNnÉ 287 ). Vn. of do-cíallathar. See IGT Verbs § 54 . Rhyming exx.: díchill (: rīchith), Thes. ii 257 . díchill (: ríchid), Hy. v 105 . dīchil (: rīchid), LL 374c38 .

In Laws Comm. associated with do-ceil and in official edition translated `concealment'. The meanings act of forgetting, passing over, neglecting; negligence, remissness would appear to suit all the examples (see Stud. in E. Ir. Law 23 ). In Laws act of passing over legatees, payees, etc. with legal claims: ni cuirethar nech ni secha fine; ar ni forngaire De dō dichell na fine no one bequeaths anything past his `fine'; for it is not the commandment of God to pass over his `fine', Ir. Recht 33 § 35 . ni tualain[g] reicce . . . acht tabairt bes techta d'oen a cenn cocur cen dichill `ohne Vernachlassigung', 35 § 38 . cach cunnrad cen dichell, Stud. in E. Ir. Law 19.7 , see pp. 23-24 . cach dichell nad bi diles, Laws iii 50 . mad ar dicheall an athar (.i. mad ar fath dichle inn athar), iv 60.11 ; cf. iii 474 . forcetal cen dichell . . . on aite for in dalta `to instruct him without reserve', ii 348 = f. gan dicleith, v 96 . ACL iii 227.43 . Laws i 268.1 .

In general neglect, negligence, remissness: doghnísiomh a faoíside gan nach ndichioll, AFM vi 2218 . fail dí chaillig i r-richid | nicosn-águr dom díchill (dichil, v.l.) who I do not fear will neglect me, Hy. v 105 . daer cach dicell (.i. a facbail amuigh cin coimed `to leave them (i.e. cattle) outside without a guard'), Laws ii 2 . dichceall cach n-eislis `every act of neglect is a fault', i 264 ( .i. is drochciall don ti doní ailsi lesa, 286.33 ). ná bíd dicell occaibh festa `have no neglect', CCath. 5484 . ní roibhe dícheall dóibh sin ac dimhicin Molaisi `they neglected nothing in the way of belittling M.' (cf. ni d.¤ daeib se ye are in no way negligent, BCC § 120 ), SG 31.6 . cin tāide, cin elcuin, cin dicill `without neglect', Laws v 136 . is inann in d.¤ sin ┐ dermad, O'Curry 282 ( H 3.18 151 ). alt cen dichill (: rīchith), Thes. ii 257(Book of Durrow) . dogníat trócaire cen dichill, FA 27 . ro damnad a forcetul cen díchill (dichell, Eg.), FB § 30 . adbert in drai cen d.¤ (dichell, dithiull, v.l.), Metr. Dinds. iii 62 . cen nach ndichil (: richid), 380 . dobertha do greimm catha gan díchill, TBC-LL¹ 5943 . regmi cen nach díchiul (dichil, dichel, v.l.) | cech ndíriuch don blíadain, Fél. Prol. 291 . rogab ic molad Dia cen dichell, PH 301 . rogab ag lānmarbadh gan dichell, ZCP vi 56.31 . no fobertais gan diceall é, CCath. 339. 5755 (díthcel). lotar tar an abhainn gan díthchioll, AFM vi 2032 . a ttionóil chucca gan dichell gan erchoittmedh, Hugh Roe 200 . d'fagbail Irruis D. gan dícheall without delay , Celt. Rev. iv 118 . g s. ní ráibhe gan díol da chuid | fer díchill dibh na dermuitt there was not a man of them neglected or forgotten without being satisfied from his store, BNnÉ 287 .