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Forms: derbdilod, dhiolta

u, m. vn. of dílaid, IGT Verbs § 80 satisfying; paying, compensating: o annudh co diludh `from stay to payment', Laws i 294 Comm. (cf. o andod co diles, iii 318.12 ). dluige ōn tī oc a mbī ┐ is dilud don tī dia tabar `a conveyance' (i.e. paying, handing over ), v 366 Comm. derbdilod, i 94 Comm. g s. torc dhiolta fiach a boar for paying debts, (i.e. a fine boar), Rel. Celt. i 122 . cinta cen diluth, O'Dav. 702 . cin na hedar do diola, ib. fer dilta dam ┐ deóradh, AU iii 590.8 .