1 díthech

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Forms: dithach

o, n. vn. of 2 do-toing oath of denial, oath of rebuttal: ditheach .i. séna, O'Cl. dligid dōig dithech, Anecd. iii 15 = dithach, O'Curry 217 ( H 3.18 113 ) `probability (i.e. a prima facie case) requires denial on oath', Plummer MS. notes. fri ditheach na fiacha (no fiach-, MS.) `to deny the debts', Laws i 264 . dég ḟortaig nó díthig, Críth G. 8 . cid fortach cid dithech, Cóic Con. 41 § 62 . issed fir ndithaig ina cānu-sai (i.e. witnesses entitled to deny breach of the law ?), Anecd. iii 24 . co ro Flann . . . for nem, ni dāl dithich de a judgement (verdict, i.e. his going to heaven) that cannot be gainsaid (?), MS. Mat. 523 = rop dil dithig dé, LL 133b10 . cid dia fuil fri dāil ndīthich | ainm cāid Codail Coirrcīchigh, BB 406a36 .