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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: taidbrid, taidhbhred, taidbred, tedbarthae

Analysis doubtful. The forms in Wb. and Ml. indicate *to-ad-uss-ber- (see Strachan, Paradigms and Glosses), but the later forms and vn. may orig. belong to *to-ad-fíri (see ad-fíri). Later as simple vb. taidbrid. displays, shows, applies, brings forward, offers: gl. exhibere, Wb. 3b11 ; adhibere, Ml. 23a4 , 123c4 . dofeith in slúag tar muir glan, | don tír donaidbri imram 'to the land which rowing reveals', Imr. Brain § 17 , Celtica xx 181 . ni tidbarid far mbaullu i n-irgail gl. neque exhibeatis membra vestra, Wb. 3b11 . amal du-n-edbarar dethiden ícce du neuch as care of healing is applied to anyone, Ml. 123c4 . dofeith in slúag tar muir glan, | don tír donaidbri imram puts forth rowing, plies its course (?), Imr. Brain § 17 . ba ingnad la Cond nicon taidbred Condla aithesc do neoch that C. offered no answer, said nothing, LU 10037 (taibreth, v.l., ZCP xvii 200 ). In pass. nír taidhbhred toirrches ina broinn was not conceived (?), BNnÉ 116 . Cf. also: do taidhbhreadh comhartha mór ar neamh appeared, Rev. xii 1 . rotaidbred do F. anni sin `was beheld by F.' (in a dream), RC xii 330 § 18 . The follg. cases are doubtful: fé frisin fiacail! noch ní taidber nī dosom is eslind det-siu (said to MacCon, who has been bitten by Ailill: it does not bring him aught, i.e. does not affect him, but is danger to thee?), Fianaig. 36 . taidbret bí (chev.), SR 749 . taidbrit bī, 7731 . Leithderg, taidbritis ar tuir, | ingen cadla Conchobuir, BB 400b20 (`whom our princes used to dream of', Metr. Dinds. iv 120 ) ( reveal, declare ?). ? fer na taidbre aurscor arna primroidi, O'Curry 2203 ( Eg. 88, 8 (9)c ). mina taidbre [in frepaid cóir], LB 10b7 .

Vn. taidbred. Part. tedbarthae.