do-aircheil, do-airchel(l)a

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Forms: do-don-airchéil, tairchela, dofair- chel, dosnaircelae, tairchell

v (*to-air-cel-, cell-, Ped. ii 482 ; see also Thurn. Gramm. § 760 ); inflexion generally follows cell- (-a-pres., -s-pret.), but pret. 3 s. do-don-airchéil, LU 10867 . subj. pres. 3 s. tairchela, Wb. 9d1 , fut. (?) 1 s. dofair- chel, LL 116b4 point to cel-.

I Meanings deriving from cel-. Hides, withdraws, takes away: temel imorbais Ádaim | dodonarchéil ar āraim Adam's transgression makes it impossible to count us (lit. hides, with- draws us from counting), IT i 133 ( LU 10867 ). cid aratairchela na túari why should he withhold (?) the viands, Wb. 9d1 (see Thes. Suppl.). dofairchel-sa giall cech coicid . . . acht coiced Galion I will keep back (?) a hostage from each province saving the province of G. (Lebarcham's `célmaine'), LL 116b4 . dos- naircellsat leo in dá chét míled isna saebchuthib (the sea- monsters) carried off with them into the whirlpools, Alex. 680 .

II Meanings derived from cell-.

(a) encompasses, comprises, includes, contains: tairchella híc tra huili dánu in spirito he comprises (i.e. sums up) here all the gifts of the spirit (referring to 1 Cor. xiii 2 ), Wb. 12b33 . do-rairchel ilar tiri . . . fo choemríge he included many lands under his sway, SR 6797 . connā ba cumhachta do nach ōen ara tairchella rosc that his eye should take them all in, Ériu ii 138 . mos tairchella ēm sūil dar sodain, ol C. an eye soon takes in that (C. alludes to his own diminutive stature), TBC² 1176 = immonderca súil i sodain duit, TBC 1848 . ni taircell Eriu irmar | fer fo Mael minglan Erin contains not a man like M., AU 886 = ni taircheall, FM 884 . do neuch taircella a cōicet-sa all whom this province contains, Noíndiu Ul.² 57 (Berichte der königl. sächs. Gesell- schaft der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, 1884, 34) = Harl. 5280, fo. 54a . salim Dūid ced duaircellaithir ind-ōenlibur, Hib. Min. 4.106 . rotairchellta na groige i m-medón na scor were enclosed, Alex. 700 . Goes round, makes a circuit of: co taircell-som in loch annsin, Death-tales 32 . co tairchellsatar relic ┐ martra Petair ┐ Phóil, LL 281az . Hence O'Dav. 1584 : tairchell .i. timchell.

(b) hems in, confines, hence transf. keeps in check, restrains, guards: esrecht .i. ni thaircilla recht (a pet) is outside the law, Corm. s.v. esrecht = taircella, Corm. Y 515 . dorairchel ilar tiri . . . Dauid, SR 6797 . bruitne . . . dia tairchella(n)d a eochu, LU 10236 = IT i 311 (taircillid, ZCP iii 233 ). cúachi dí or . . . hi taircellad a folt in which her tresses were confined, ib.; cf. LU 9276 , 9278 . Anecd. iii 51 . ni taircellam damu fo chuinge, Alex. 861 . Anecd. v 3 . maic becca doairchellat bó im airbetha, Ériu ii 206 . to-t-airchill guard thyself, beware, Hib. Min. p. 77 . dosnaircelae hule int saltair `the psalter restrains them all' (or subj. pres.?), Mon. Tall. § 39 . nís tair- chell (tairmchell, v.l.) báise burba `did not hold sway over it', Met. Dinds. i 30 . Note also: triath trom tremaetha Erind tuath o thuind co tuind taircella tomus, conid iarna durn toimdither let him fix measures, that they may be measured according to his fist (? chief's forearm, etc., being taken as standard), Laws iv 344 .

Vn. tairchell.