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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: tarmairt, tarmartad

v (see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 675 ) found only in pret. (perf. ?) tarmairt, etc.

(a) intended, attempted, was about to (always with notion of non-fulfilment of that which is intended, etc.): regat-sa al-leth tarmartus I will go in the direction I intended, LL 282a25 . tarmurt-sa nemscribend epistle det-siu I had meant not to write, Alex. 825 = tarmart-sa, Anecd. v 2 . tarmmairt Forainn do marbad, SR 3260 . co tarmairt se bar marbad uli, PH 2831 . ó tarmairt in dōibel-drong (sic leg.) | cloch gach aonḟir ina ceann were each about to throw a stone at her, ZCP x 47 . pa hann tarmartatar filidh Falmaighi dol do athchor a chotaig, Anecd. ii 74 . Hence was on the point of, was like to, was nearly: co tarmairt héc cen anmain, SR 1688 . do-rermartatar ind adaig sin cen biadh they were on the point of going without food that night, IT ii1 178 (but see Loinges mac nDuíl Dermait 79 ). tarmartatar inn óig fácbáil a creche (sic leg.) la M. were like to leave their booty, Anecd. ii 62 . tarmairt .i. do mheadhaigh no dofhóbair weighed ( i.e. intended?) or attempted , O'Cl.

(b) As impersonal vb.: indésat scél ima tarmairt fianna Eirenn . . . do mharbad concerning which the fians . . . nearly lost their lives, Acall. 1335 . tarmairt . . . co mbad chuit fiach he was like to be the food of ravens, Ériu iv 94 . t. co múchtais dáine people were well nigh stifled, LL 33b51 = becc ná romúchda dóine, Ériu iv 96 . In pass. (impers. ?): co tarmartad huile a mbás | i cinaid Ammonitas, SR 6735 . co tarmartad a lécud she was on the point of being discarded (by her husband), LU 4282 = LL 145b23 = SG 84 .