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n (comair) opposite position: ota aurchomair Sechim co sruth I. from opposite S. to, LB 125b35 . ro gab (sic leg.) . . . a erchomair he went straight on, IT ii1 174.30 . docuredar ass erchomuir in tslúaig they set out in the opposite direction from the host, LL 14093 .

With various prepp. With AR (FOR): ar a.¤ a n-aigthi ahead , LL 240a7 ( TTr. 1726 ). ar urchomair a gnúsi ┐ a agthi, TBC-LL¹ 5138 . inis fil for ercomair an essu for an ccuan, Leb. Gab.(i) 26.19 . With A(S): rapatar as urchomair Chruaiche P., Fl. Earls 8.z . as urchomair chāich before (i.e. in the presence of) all, 140.20 . With FO. In local sense: fo urcomair Innsi hE., AFM v 1580.12 . forsan bfairge fo erchomair Droma cliabh, ii 1104.14 . In preparation for, readiness for: ar oiregdacht a isdud fa nurcomair in readiness for (receiving) them, Hy Maine 140.5 . gan comarba meic leis fá hurchomair to inherit it, Acall. 4914 . dia imdeghail for na celccaibh batar fó a erchomhair `to protect himself against the snares which were laid for him', AFM vi 1920.3 . fait[h]chi urfolam fo ercomhair airechtais a vacant place for an assembly, CCath. 4912 . With I N-: is cuma loisces a mbis issa ┐ huasa ┐ inna erchomair in front of it, Ériu vii 160.12 . fial . . . i n-urchomair a gnúsi a veil before her face, LB 122a27 . tuargaib a tech i n-aurchomair a imdái, LU 8373 ( FB 25 ). iarna beith a n-urchomair na hec[h]tra `after having met the adventure', Ériu iii 158 § 12 . dochuaid cach 'n-a irchomair every one went straight forwards, TBC-LL¹ 1033 . In hostile sense against, in opposition to: i n-urchomair na n-anmonn ad nocendum animabus, Aisl. Tond. 108 § 2 . co nār fuilṅgetar hi n-urchomuir a aighthe `did not dare to face him', Fianaig. 74.19 . i n-urchomair Gall do ghein / Ó C. O'C. was born to oppose the G., Aithd. D. 5.6 . go mbeith-siumh . . . i nercomhair catha doibh, AFM vi 2128.2 . `nar n-urchomhair confronting us, Dán Dé v 20 . Lugaid tra a nirchomair na cell, in dias eili for in tuáith, Irish Texts i 17 § 51 . awaiting, in readiness for: braighde . . . do bheith aca 'na urcomair to have hostages ready for him, ML 52.32 . ocht fichit bó i férgurt ghabála ina urchomair, SG 139.y . gan chomarba meic lais ina hurchomair i.e. to inherit it, 194.26 = fa hurch., Acall. 4914 . Mac Aodha . . . / cáin Fhódla 'n-a urchomhair `the rent of F. awaits A.'s son', Aithd. D. 7.38 . for, with a view to: tri haige seasga . . . a nurchomair airbearnta do dul ina tochas, no a nirchomhair feola, O'Curry 1265 ( H 3.18, p. 511 -2) `i.e. to make good defects in stock, or to be made into beef', Plummer MS. notes. tir . . . a nirchomair féoir to be reserved for hay, ib. esbadh sét i nurcomair cacha haicde na ticfa de, O'D. 1677 (H. 5.15, p. 28a) `i.e. the `seds' are to be diminished to correspond with each `aicde' which is deficient', Plummer MS. notes. a nurchomair frescisin dona buaib in hope of increase from the cows, O'D. 1952 ( Addl. 4783 7d ). trian a nurcomair a hail . . . ┐ trian a n-urcomair a sailtince `in consideration of', Laws iii 372.17 Comm. i n-erc[h]omair in meic ecalsa, BColm. 18 § 19 . Corresponding with: da se bratta fo chis chain / da sé phairt 'na n-irchomair to correspond with them, SR 176 , cf. Laws i 20.28 Comm. Contemporary with: cenḟinna uile cen ail / bai Herend na erchomair in his time, LL 911 = ina aimsir, BB 31a4 . teist ro ḟersur ré siabordai ina urchomair sé ṁbliadna déc dlegma scur, LL 14290 .