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Forms: daṅdichdet, tudciset-som, tuidhich, dudichestar, didigestar, tuidchisse

v (*to-dí-cid-, Ped. ii 491 ) leads down, leads (a synon. of do-díat, cf. Sg. 8a8 , 9 ). Indic. pres. 3 pl. daṅdichdet gl. deducunt, Sg. 8a8 . Pret. 3 pl. go tudciset-som fer n-uadaibh de descin cathai . . . Tuath nDea they told off a man to recon- noitre, RC xii 94 § 124 . Subj. pres. 3 s. co tuidhich fuil cridhe crōdhai ferb for gruaidhe may raise a blister (?), Arch. iii 295 § 25 . Pass. fut. s. dudichestar gl. ducetur, will be considered, judged, Ml. 30d25 (cf. Sg. 77a4 ). didigestar do broc din déde si `will be taken away', RC xii 62 .

Part. tuidchisse.