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Forms: tecraid, tecar

Orig. prob. simple verb tecraid based on tecar (*to-in-cor). Deut. forms may be back-formations from this. Vn. tecar. See also tinchor.

Arranges, disposes, arrays, collects, assembles: do-d-eccrai os betha bann | srethaib ilretha rétlann arrays (the celestial Hierarchy) in ranks of stars circling with varied speed, SR 717 . do heccra[d] in tech do ór ┐ do argad, RC xvi 41 ( Dinds. 91 ). ratecrad ┐ ratimsaiged trelam in tromlestair (of ship Argo) was collected together, LL 218b29 ( TTr. 122 ). ratheccraisetar Troianni . . . cach óén ra-esróided díb sechnón na hAssia brought together, marshalled, mustered, 227a9 (725). ruire echtach . . . immo tteccraitís mór-sluaigh, AFM 899 (`round whom great hosts arrayed themselves', Bruchst. § 117 , but possibly whom great hosts used to protect, from imm-tecrathar). teagrais C. ceithre catha marshalled four battalions, Content. ii 6 . tegrad 'san Almainn(e) . . . congháir churadh in A. was assembled a concourse of warriors, Duan. F. i 70 . ise tall rostecair | loc[h]ta imda airchetail which has collected, Auraic. 2189 (= rosteacal, Lec. 328a27 ). már ngal, már ngris, már ngaes, már n-indtech n-écomlainn doraecar baes great conflicts . . . hath folly brought about (?), SG 321 . refed derg-óir dil . . . | 'n-a reib ragloin ecros ornn | tecros anmain a h-ifrinn (leg. hifurnn) the chain of gold . . . which gets the soul out of hell (of the Beatitudes), Lec. 347a19 . is gairit dobadais a cur amugu in chisti móir do theacrais the treasure thou didst acquire, YBL 152b20 . tri treba don leith andes . . . is a trí tecrais cech mbuaid | frisin n-eclais a fir-thuaid (of arrangement of tribes round the Tabernacle), SR 4439 . lanamnus comtincuir .i. lanamain is cutrama aca tecartar tír ┐ indile who acquire equal land and cattle, Laws ii 358 Comm. (`in whose case an equal amount of stock and land is contributed', Plummer MS. notes. Cf. ? do-inecra, tinchor). ? blai dúnaid la tuatha techtai tecraiter, LL 293b31 , cf. ZCP xi 83 . ? tecor folad mbritheman .i. da tecarthar ni da folaid cruid on breithemain `if any part of his wealth . . . be kept from the Brehon', Laws i 234 Comm.