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Forms: toglenamon

v (*to-glen-) clings, cleaves, adheres to: unde dicitur isna Brethaib Nemeth: d.¤ gil tengaid, Corm. Y 676 . ní toighlen bá don iarraid `no profit from the fosterage fee clings (to her)', O'Dav. 279 = ní d.¤ , Laws ii 164.8 Comm. na toglen somaine collna set, ii 336.6 .i. noco deglenand ni don flaith do shomaine a set, 11 Comm. co na toiglen ni a fiacla as oc a gleith `that no part of (the earth) sticks to their teeth while grazing', iv 96.19 . na toiglean dris na droigean . . . na homan a moing . . . that no briar, etc. sticks in its mane, 276.10 Comm. Hence pursues: atfiadhat febh doglenta `they relate how they had been pursued', Hugh Roe 100.20 . Vn. toglenamon. See ? dofoglen.