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Forms: dodaincie, datainca, dorencanas, dorencas, tincaid, tincem, tincisin, tincud

v (* to-in-ad-ci-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 488 ) Indic. pres. 3 s. gach giell . . . dodaincie (datainca, v.l.), Anecd. iii 25.8 . Perf. pass. dorencanas (leg. dorencas?) gl. perspectum, Ml. 33c18 . In Mid.Ir. treated as simple vb., tincaid (rarely tenc-). Vn. tincem, tincisin, tincud.

(a) looks, gazes (at); intrans. with FOR or trans.: tincais (fecais, v.l.) Medb for Fergus, TBC-LL¹ 1779 . tincais C. fair (is inund ón ┐ nofégand), 2127 . tincais in caillech fair, CCath. 4037 . tencais C. fair, 6062 . rotenc ┐ romid ┐ romōrdēch uadh for slógud an longphuirt, 4751 . ro tenc G. tairis in long ar cach leith, Grail 3681 . in tincud tincfat forsna haigib the look with which I will look, TBC-LL¹ 1345 . o rothenc A. na hairdi aichtidi sin, CCath. 979 . rotencastair gristaitnem na n-arm, 1260 . rotencsat Cesair in[a] éo ard, 497 ; 2850 .

(b) sees to; responds to, deals with, satisfies (a claim, summons, challenge, attack, obligation, foe, etc.). Rarely intrans.: cadeat . . . m'urnadmand? ar F. . . . Tincsetar glinni cechtar n-aí díb cu barbarda the guarantees . . . responded fiercely (to the summons), i.e. came forward(?), MU² 115 . ma asloat, gaibter a sesci no a mblichta, mana tincatar unless they appear to answer their obligations (?) (of persons under distraint), Laws ii 120.11 Comm. rothincastar triur thriath-airech . . . ar incaib in airdrig eitir é ┐ in t-urchar `sprang . . . between him and the shot', MR 254.8 . Trans. of things: cach óen do Domnandchaib rotinc báig leis who had undertaken to fight on his side (?), IT ii2 215 . dond ḟir nacha tincann `for him that does not respond (to my poems)', RC xxvi 23 n. 2 . as é an fer thionchus an ghaiscidh do gaphail dligheas a disgur the man who answers the challenge to fight (?) has the right to stop it, ZCP x 287.20 . Cruithne . . . doibh rothincha (rotinca, v.l.) tochmorc | co tuc banntracht . . . dar Athmagh saw to finding wives for them, Todd Nenn. 142 . da tincidh a n-īc `if he has offered payment for them', Laws i 146.2 Comm. maine thince fine in giall if the f. does not respond to the hostage-surety, ii 136.z Comm. dia tince a biathad if he undertakes to feed, 308.6 Comm. rotincadh dligedh ris umpa seic right was conceded him, i 74.y Comm. rotincad in tecusc sin ag trénfheraib in túaiscirt these instructions met with response from (i.e. were carried out), MR 178 . tioncaid bar rámada rib see to (ply) your oars, SG 344.9 . Of persons (esp. of answering an opponent): menas tincitis Troiandai risin Trói anechtair unless the Trojans should come to meet their attack outside Troy, LL 239b5 ( TTr. 1679 ). rottioncub-sa I accept thy challenge, SG 257.3 . gor thincastar . . . Conall until C. opposed him, MR 254.8 . ar daigh co bhfinndais cia notincfeadh ┐ nogebhudh do lāim acu in comhlann (i.e. who would answer Cormac's challenge to single combat), BLism. 173rb35 . Of satisfying someone's claims: muna tincar hí (of a woman serving a notice on a defendant), Laws iv 12.24 Comm. mádh gradh feine troisces . . . ┐ ni tincar if a noble fast . . . and is not satisfied, O'D. 602 ( H 3.17 453 ). co ro tincaitis he don gniom dorighensat fris they should give him satisfaction for, Anecd. ii 42 . do tincedh Cithruaidh d'ór is d'airgiod `was rewarded' (of a minstrel), Duan. F. i 5.14 .