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v Meaning and analysis uncertain. Freq. in Laws (text and comm.) in phrase fíach fo ní d.¤ `what was taken ', Stokes and Atkinson. dleagar doib fiach fo ni donimed `the thing that is lost', Laws ii 140.17 .i. fo ni agartar air, 20 Comm. in ti agrus o bus do fen agras ata fiach fon[i] donimedh air, y Comm. acht do neoch eile nocha nfuil fiach foni donimat air, 142.1 Comm. ma ro bí a tuicsi cur dlig, is cuic seoit uadh ┐ fiach foni d.¤ , 8 . (Of a plaintiff who has been offered right but persists in fasting) fiach indligidh no fiach foní d.¤ uadh, i 88.25 Comm. (Of a man who distrains for debt, knowing that debt is not due) fiach foni d.¤ uad, ┐ cuic seoit dia toircther dligedh do, 94.18 Comm. rodlig na fiacha and sin, ┐ munar dlecht, ┐ docuaidh da n-acra fiach foní d.¤ uadh, 118.2 Comm. where (a debt has been paid and distraint is made again) biaidh fiach foní d.¤ for in ti dogne, v 258.z Comm. (Of a creditor) fiach foni donimat uadh mad rofitir na rodligh, 310.12 Comm. Cf. cia donetsum indligid athgabala nocha nicat nach ní ann, i 88.6 Comm.