? 1 do-toing

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Forms: tongaid, do-cuitig, dothoing, tothoing

v (*to-tong-, Hull, Language xxiii 423-4 ) = tongaid. No vn. is attested, and the follg. exx. (cited by Hull loc. cit.) are probably Mid.Ir. modifications of forms of tongaid (the preverb may have been taken over from the perf. do-cuitig): dothuṅg mo deo I swear by my gods, TBC-LL¹ 143 (referred by Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 652 to 2 do-toing). dothoing, tothoing, Ériu vii 156 §§ 12 , 13 (text doubtful, Thurn., ZCP xiii 103 ). dotung dom Dīa, Fianaig. 38.24 . dotoing dia fiadnaisi, Triads 135 (2 do-toing?). dothoṅgusa tar mo scíath, TBFr. 183 (cited Gloss. s.v. tongaid).