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adj o-ā (neg. of cinntech),

(a) indefinite, undeter- mined (in sense, extent or number), uncertain : is ecintech in gním arafolmathar (gl. futurum cum incertum sit) Sg 147b4 . is ecintech in tert-persan the third person is indefinite 211b10 . athgabail ecinntech `not the exact measure (of the claim but) distress' Laws i 64.19 Comm. smachtgilli ecinntech 276.8 Comm. (tar ceart no dligedh .i.) im fiachuib cinntacha .i. im ecinntach ascertained debts...not ascertained ii 70.9 Comm. saor ┐ daor .i. cinntech ar ecinntech sin ar na uile daine i Senchas Mar certain for uncertain (i.e. definite, fixed categories) i 42.3 Comm. The phr. cinntech ar éccintech is frequently applied to the use of a definite number to express an unascertained one like Engl. in round numbers : cet cell cosa taet tonn mara ┐ cintech ar ecintech ann ACC 93 ( RC xx 270 ). cóic cét óenach immosech | cid cintech ar écintech, Met. Dinds. iv 158 . Hence, with no number expressed, to denote a vast indefinite number : co ro marbhadh cinntech ar eccintech díobh `an unascertained number' FM vi 2028 z . cinntech ar eccinntech da gach cenel eiscc [sic leg.] Leb. Gab. i 266 .

(b) infinite, unbounded, innumerable : is cindtech ┐ is eicindtech...airem muintiri nime .i. cindtech em i lleth fria Dia ┐ ecindtech i leth fria dainib YBL 169b28 = PH 6217 . airem ar immatt eccintech reckoning an infinite number CCath. 4401 . robo aiream for eccinteach, Expug. Hib. 37 .