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adj i (neg. of coimtig) unusual, unwonted ; unlikely : ecoimdigi .i. nemgnathach no anminic, H 3.18, p. 529 . écoimtig (gl. inusitatum) Sg. 138a13 . ainm n-eccomtigh a rare noun Hib. Min. 13.439 . dusn-ainicc gach maith etir biad ocus (sic) cuimtig ocus eccuimdig, IT i 137.27 . pl. conacae eonu findbreca mora and ecomdighe (até écomtighe v.l.) ar met ┐ dath, BDD 13 . In Laws applied technically to a place where lost property is unlikely to be accidentally found (see Ériu ix 35 ) : is ed is ecoimdi, cach inadh i nā aithighit acht longa a n-aenur the `unlikely' part (of a strand) is every place which is frequented by ships alone Laws v 324.24 Comm. issed is eccoimdi don tigh, a cuile ┐ a corrogi no a cula ┐ a leptha ┐ a hachlasga ┐ a inada dorcha, 326.14 Comm. issed is eccoimdigh indti, a cula ┐ a garrda ┐ a inada diamra (of a `cathir' or religious settlement) 326.31 Comm. mad eccoimdigh, mad coimdig 320.17 . eccoimded, 320.12 . fo aicned coimded no eccoimded, iii 320.19 . ecomme, ii 128.28 Comm.