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Forms: airet, eret, erat, arat

n (*ari + fot, O'Rahilly, Ériu xiii 177 ff. ?Cf. senairotib, Thes. ii 239.18 . Gender doubtful. Orig. o, n., O'Rahilly. Taken as f. in Sg. 148a6 by GOI p. 157 , see below, and treated as f. in later language. airet, Wb. 25d1 . eret, Ml. 107d8 etc., Sg. 148a6 . erat, Ml. 33a1 . arat, 80b7 .

Length, interval, space (of time, less freq. also of space), later amount, quantity. Very frequent in conjunctive and adverbial phrases.


(a) is ed á eret is gessi dia cene ṁbether in hac uita this is how long, Ml. 107d8 . is ed a erat fritammiurat inna huli, 33a1 . á eret tias in cascc isin mís how late E. falls in the month, Thes. ii 39.25 . a oired ba ferr dó ar bánbiudh a time of similar duration during which he fared better as regards white meat, Hib. Min. 67.4 . iss ed eret no bitis Ulaid insin i mMaig M., LU 3223 ( SCC § 1 ). Of space: lagat inna saigte . . . ┐ a arat dia tochuirther `the distance from which it is shot', Ml. 80b7 . is he a.¤ sain rosaig / lassar lái brátha brethaig, SR 2531 .

(b) a.¤ as long as, as far as: a.¤ nombeinn isnaib imnedaib, Ml. 59a22 . a.¤ mbete im theglachsa, BDD² 312 . a.¤ bés . . . a cutrumesi do súg inda curpsom `so long . . . as there is this much juice in his body', Mon. Tall. 150.39 (§ 61) . a.¤ nat negar `so long as it is not washed', 155.24 (§ 67) . erett bett aboss 'ga tigh, BColm. 98.32 . Eas Rúaid heret aiges núall as long as Assaroe resounds, Ériu iv 150.27 . airiut ba beo iat, Marco P. 98 . eiret tēiti uiseōc as high as a lark soars, TBC-I¹ 3613 . oiret teit cloch a taball, PH 3040 . See Hull, ZCP xxix 121 - 2 . With co: airet co facaidh cnoc, CCath. 1449 . airet co tainic de, 4622 .

(c) With article: an a.¤ ropsa béo, Trip.² 1434 . a n-a.¤ ro bátar sruithi Eirend occó ari, 2996 . an oired dobi-seom a C.C. as long as, RC xviii 268.11 (Tig.). an oiread ro bí M. ag rádha a shoiscéla, Imr. Brain i 65.4 . in a.¤ bātar ag dēnomh na hadmhāla, Fl. Earls 64.3 . in oiriut tra do geb in tuasal neach bus cutruma res in isul `as long as (i.e. provided) the noble gets an advocate equal in rank to the man of lower class', Laws ii 84.24. Comm. Of space: an airat ro soich a scor sidhe for gach leith `as far as their `scor'-lands extend on every side', Laws iv 226.z . in oiret dochoid how far, PH 3039 .

In mixed construction with both article (or prep.?) and poss.: ina a.¤ báttar fein ar foccra during the period of their proscription, AFM vi 1974.3 .

(d) With cia how long, how far? cia arat gl. quandiu, Ml. 32d22 . cia a.¤ co tíchtin nancrist how long (it will be) till the coming, Wb. 25d1 . ce hairead uathaibh go tír how far they were from land, BB 39a26 . With rel. clause: cia eret mbete oc m ingraimmim se? `how long will they be persecuting me?' Ml. 33a9 . cia hairett atáidh sunn?, RC xxvi 376.8 . nocon fess cairet rochúaid how far, RC xiii 442 § 15 . cia a.¤ imthéit? how far does it go? TBC-LL¹ 1146 .

(e) With article and demonstr. in adverbial phrase for that long, during that (amount of) time (case of a.¤ doubtful, see O'Rahilly and Thurn. ad loc. cit. In most exx. apparently a s. of a fem. noun): ind eret sa gl. tandiu, Ml. 114b14 . ?inn heret sin imbói, Sg. 148a6 (so O'Rahilly loc. cit.; accus., GOI p. 157 ) i.e. during the time he was in Rome. ni rabe isin bith ní dognethe in n-eret sin léu acht cluchi, LU 3225 ( SCC § 1 ). at forbaeltiseom in n-a.¤ sin, 2277 . fífat-sa forsna slógaib in n-a.¤ sin, 6312 (TBC). inn-airet-sain during that time, RC xiii 110 § 147 .


(a) amount, quantity, usually in phrases meaning as much as, etc.: in óiret cétna as much again, Maund. 212 . in oirid sin `so much as that', Aen. 2558 . a naei n-a.¤ `nine times the value (of the thing stolen)', Marco P. 41 . is i an oiread (uirid, MS.), O'Gr. Cat. 307.30 . aiseoguidh sé seacht noirid he shall restore seven fold, Proverbs vi 31 . sudh mérsi ┐ sugh fenéil oired da gach sugh `of either juice an equal bulk', O'Gr. Cat. 225.4 .

(b) In phr. in a.¤ sin DI so much (of): inn a.¤ sin da slúag that many of their host, MU² 681 . anuireadsa do chuidiughadh, Carswell 20.7 . an oiret sin do leic oigre, Marco P. 225 . Note also: a oirett shin ele d'airde do beith ann that it was as high again, BNnÉ 71 § 121 . With mixed construction: a rád . . . co ndingenad Dia . . . ina airett sin d'éccórad `would do such injustice', Maund. 118 .

(c) With prep. FRI: na losa . . . dobertai . . . do C. doberedh oired ris fein d'Fir diad dib sin gave as much to F.D. as he took for himself, TBC-LL¹ p. 517 n.9 . dogebuir oired rium-sa dhe you shall share it equally with me, ZCP vi 99.6 . beth ar uired re og mac to be on the same terms with, Fen. 348.22 . nár tualaing iadsan oiret re Mac Conmara do dénam could not do as much as M., Caithr. Thoirdh. 85.10 . ar oiret aimsire fris of the same age as he, AFM v 1734.24 . go rabhadar Laighin cheithre uiread do shluagh ré fearaibh Mumhan `had a host four times as numerous', Keat. iii 3212 . go bhfuil a urad d'ughdardhas agam fein leis an mbiobla, Luc. Fid. 323.16 . na hiarr duais ach uiread leó look not for any more reward than they do, Measgra D. 7.112 .

(d) With ocus and rel. clause: uiread grádha . . . ┐ atá aige dhó féin, Desid. 6041 . urad as do bhí ag Criosd, Luc. Fid. 323.16 . Note also: a uiread . . . ┐ a ttiobhra Dia dhuit, Desid. 4600 . oiread (uiriod, MS.) a bhfuarais aréir as much as you got last night, Ériu i 97.y .

(e) With gen. as much as, even (in neg. and condit. clauses): gan uiret deilcc bruit do bhúain da fhiodhbadh not to take even athorn, Anecd. iii 6.12 . a.¤ in grain[n]e musdaird do ṡeirc Isa, Marco P. 8 . airead copán as much as a single cup, ZCP viii 563 § 18 . gu hoiread an fhocail dhíomhaoin as lúgha dá ndubhart even the idlest word I have spoken, Desid. 1177 .

Note also: mór da n-uiredaibh great quantities of them, Aisl. Tond. 132 § 6 .