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Forms: ecloim

n, n. (vn. of as-gleinn) a searching out, investigation, examination; discussion: a n-eclaim ón (gl. discutionem) Ml. 114b15 . dind eclim (gl. de doctorum indagine) Sg. 17a6 . luinde fri heclaimm, eclaimm cen dliged violence in discussion Tec. Corm. § 26 . Of birds, pruning (feathers), picking (lice, etc.): dogensatar ind eoin ecláim ┐ sliachtad inna cluma cona nguilbnib, RC x 76.10 . gabsad eclaim ┐ lomrud ina mil batar im oilib an eoin moir ...gabsad eclaim ina n-anmanda cetna assa curp uile 74.20 ; 76.2 . do ecloim , 76.3 .