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n io, n.

I Act of cutting; a cutting, incision: im fidbae .i. bis oc eibi in feda, Laws i 140.2 Comm. amser as coimdire tairddbe cacha feda fria bun-ebe `when the cutting of each tree is liable to the same fine as cutting the trunk' iv 168.25 . Paring: fir-epi combi ocus a rinn biraith amail delc `cutting them until their points are sharp like thorns' (gl. on: airdbe naindeilg, a kind of trespass) i 236.6 . Of breaking the surface of land: fír-eibe in feraind (gl. on: aurba tire) iv 152.11 . (pl.) fir-ebeda doberar ar in ferand 154.14. Comm. in fir-eipe doníter resin n-eimfedhain doberar ar amus in muilind the clearing for the carriage 154.26. Comm.

Transf.: eipe a droma the back-cut (of a salt pig, i.e. the place where the cut is made) Laws ii 246.5 .

Metaph.: iar n-eipe rechta (.i. iar na brisi .i. iarna turbrodh) `after violating the law' i 260.26 ( 282.14 ).

II A cutting out, culling, selection: forsin n-aibgitir .i. forsind epe au[g]dair `author's selection' Auraic. 349 . 390 . 2711 (ebe). 2647 (eibe). 2779 (eipi).

Cf. cach mes...is a midbu miter .i. is ondi tara mbi in t-eibe meodhanach .i. in grainne a mesemnaigther é, eipe .i. grainne mas fír dhamhsa, O'Dav. 1244 (i.e. the middle notch of the balance-beam resting on the fulcrum ?) airdbidh no aird-eibi .i. cinnedh,...for airdeibe cinntech `a definite decision' (?) 110 .