1 emnaid

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v ā (1 emon)

(a) makes double, doubles: in strict sense: huare nád n-emnat .l. they do not double l Sg. 48a12 . huare nad n-emantar .l. l is not doubled 48a8 . mat anmann adiechta emnatar and (gl. si adiectiva geminentur) 189b4 . is airi emnas in cétḟocal, LU 6a40 . is aire adberar amancholl fris, ar is coll iar fuath ro hemhnadh ann it is the figure of c that has been doubled therein BB 301 b14 . fuath coill [sic leg.] emnaither and, Auraic. 4422 (v.l. eamhnoigther). forodamar-sa Petar conice seo, ro hemnad damsa innossa olc mor .i. Pól...imalle fri Petar PH 1746 .

(b) in looser sense iterates, multiplies: slan don ti eamnas na go clis who multiplies the juggling spears Laws iii 284.20 Comm. ri dorat oenberla doib...roemnastar doib tria gart | comtar a do sechtmogat (of the confusion at Babel) SR 2767 . ro eamhnait na poga eturru `kisses were redoubled' [exchanged?] CCath. 2434 .

(c) bears twins: bennaighidh siumh in mboin, go ro eamhnastair [rothuisimh v.l.] dí laogh `bore twin calves' BNnÉ 10.26 .