englas, anglas

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Forms: anghlas, eanghlas, anghlais

n f. anghlas, eanghlas, IGT, Decl. § 12 . a weak, mixed beverage, milk diluted with water; whey: englas .i. usce glas, Corm. Y 524 (cf. en). eanglais `milk and water mixed' P. O'C. eanghlais `poor, small, weak, raw drink, better anghlais', ib. dorigne céo lomma do englais midg made cream out of whey-water BColm. 104.1 . tuc drolmaig n-englaisi dhó, Lism. L. 2701 . robennach F. an englais cur rasoudh a mblas fina, ib. ibid englas doníther do bainne ┐ d'uiscci, Maund. 218 . n p. englasa inar lilachaib, Hib. Min. 66.14 . Cf. ena...ruiced for cech lestra...unde enag...┐ englass, O'Mulc. 402 .

Metaph. a mixture of kindreds, metals, etc.: Ceinéall gConaill... | uaisle Connacht... | ...eanglas is lór saoire sin | is eanglas meadha i measg fíona | eanghlas Connacht tre Chlann Néill 'the Kindred of Conall ... the nobles of Connaught ... are a sufficiently noble mixture. It is a mixture of mead with wine, the mixing of the Connachta with the Sons of Niall', Giolla Brighde 66 § 9 . na Goill ó Lunnainn a-le, | ... 'na n-eanglais óir is iaruinn 'the Foreigners over from London ... a medley of gold and iron', Giolla Brighde 140 § 19 .