éola, éula

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Forms: eól, éolig, éulig, éula, eola, eola, éula

this has been found only in O. Ir. and is by Strachan ( Ériu i 11 ) taken as gen. of eól; but acc. to Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 99 and Thurn., Thurn. Hdb. § 360 , it is n s. of éolig, éulig, see éolach. adj knowing, skilled (in), n expert (absol. or with gen. or prep.): am éula (gl. didici) Wb. 24b15 . madda eola if thou art wise IT i 81.16 . is eola cāch, ACL iii 297 § 56 . As attrib.: in t-oís éula wise folk Wb. 3c4 . anmchara umal eóla, Ériu ii 64 § 5 . With gen.: ropo eola-som na huile fetarlice he was skilled in the whole Old Testament Wb. 30c17 . Cf. ba eola axal n-angel (.i. ba heolach i n-imacallmaib aingel. no ba heolach isind aingiul dianid ainm Axal), ACC 47 ( RC xx 180 ). With fri: ar is hé as eola fri aidgne ind athar (gl. misit Deus Spiritum filii sui in corda vestra) Wb. 19d7 . With i n-: is héside as éola and, Wb. 6b25 . crop éula i fiuss et æcnu (gl. oportet...esse...doctorem) 28b23 . nabad eola i n-ar cintaib who would not be skilled in our faults 33b21 . inna timthrechta ind labrada innid eula nech the speech in which one is skilled Ml. 42c4 . fobith as n-eola ina pennait `versed in his penance' Laws iv 356.3 . bat eolai in gech berlæ, Ériu viii 173.20 .