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Forms: eisceaph(tas), eisceach(tas)

n m. (< Lat. exceptus) an exception: in Laws, Comm.: cumad eisceptus in fiallach so this party may be an exception Laws i 240.10 Comm. cidh fodera nach fo imcomus chinuigh...riaghuilter so ? nín. eisciuptus, ┐ is edh fodera in t-esceaptus uair is codnaighe doib, etc. ii 66.8 . Esp. in phr. ar e.¤ (do) as an exception (in the case of), by way of excepting: enech na hoigi ar esceptus di, i 120 x ; 190 w . ar esceptus sin don briughaidh, 200.22 . ar e.¤ don oig sin sech cach duine, 228.29 . ar exceptus, 228 z . Cf. millfet lí th'aigthe ar m' ḟechtus | bid é th'aith[n]e ar m' eisceptus `this shall be thy reward for vexing me' Metr. Dinds. iii 62.100 ; this passage is apparently the source of: esceptus .i. cur i n-aghaidh, O'Cl. , but the meaning is not clear, and the word may be used as in the exx. from Laws, above. Cf. also eisceaph(tas), eisceach(tas) an exception P. O'C.