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vn. of ar-glana act of clearing: mad do urglan ria flaith aile when it is a question of making space for another lord, ZCP xiv 390 § 57 ( Laws ii 330 ). in cenel nothogfaitis do aurglanad rempu `should clear the land before them', Cymmr. xiv 116.2 . Usually of clearing out a building, i.e. emptying it of persons: tellach apu for a mancu um urglanu[d] cille, Laws v 206.7 . . . . tuidecht do urglan chilli dú a mbed manich, O'C. 875 ( H. 3.18, 392b ). erglanad eclaise ó laechaib ┐ laiches[aib], O'Dav. 542 . urfocra do codnachuib . . . urglana do na heccodnachuib removal, notice to quit(?), Laws v 158.1 Comm. See also erglanad.