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adj opportune (?): eadurlamh .i. sén úaire, O'Cl. ní lugu immefolngi sonartai do neuch in cotlud indaas bid suide garait no sessed etarlam than to sit for a while when there is opportunity for it (?) Ml. 135a13 (`on occasion? or between whiles?' Thes. i p. 460 , p. 724 ). tanic a athair in maic etarlam opportunely (?) in the meanwhile (?) Corm. Y 690 (< YBL 269b7 ). masu de chlaind Echdach... | atai, a baird... | indid etarlam nach ndúain | de chomram chruaid Chobthaich Coil, ZCP xi 108 § 1 . Cf. etarlam .i. lámdæ dogni an goba cein mbis iarnd i tinid work done by the smith while the iron is in the fire (i.e. when an opportunity presents itself; or done in the meantime?) O'Mulc. 475 . See etarla.