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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: eitged

n m. a kind of offence (`criminality caused by sheer wantonness, with no excuse of ignorance, but not premeditated' Atk., Laws vi s.v. Cf. Cóic Con. 30 § 15 ), negligence GEIL 152-53 , irresponsible acts Bloodshed and Compensation 6 . eitged i. ain eiti as do thir, ce ros-gní dith n-oco ni erranar dondi asa aí, ar it he ceithri anmand cinath conlat ar diuit : tucait, ag, acais, etgid...ruced didiu eitged conid ainm cach gnīma na dēne nech ar elgoin, O'Mulc. 456 . eitged, cin laisin nGaedilgid, Laws iii 90.3 . aithgin gach edge .i. aitgin is in cinuid donithur resna hinnilibh ima lecad is in lis a mbiat, no is in mbuailid a mbid...in inbuidh ro osluicc na hinuta sin...┐ ni ro iat ar ési (of injury to cattle through carelessness on the part of person distraining) ii 54.13 . dia rabat na deithbirse so [sic] air .i. anfis no ances no econnus no etged `injury through inadvertence' i 102.22 Comm. mad étged no anfes, lethfiach ind ┐ arra cuir as n-étged ┐ as n-anfes, Cáin Ad. 35 . na da fodail dec eitged , Laws iii 94.10 (g p. ?). cipe fogail eitge triasa ferfaiter cned orro, iii 356.15 . cidhbe fogail etgidh, Cóic Con. 53 § 111 . ciped fodail etgid triasinn-ernaiter na cinta 'welche Art von Unrecht' 20 § 13 . cenal in t-etged co cenalib fai `e.¤' is a genus with subgenera Laws iii 96.15 . diuit rimbreth netged sin, CIH iv 1261.2 .