fasc, fásc

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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: foasc, faiscc, fasc

n o, m. foasc, Laws iv 106.9 (see Ériu ix 33 ).

(a) In Laws a notice, information (given out): cia doberadh a fasc iardain though she gave notice subsequently (of a rape) Laws v 274.15 . Esp. notice that distrained cattle are in a pound (see RC vii 25.8 . Ériu ix 33 ): tain, fasc, forus `driving, notice, and pound' Laws i 264z . fuadach, comde, forus, fasc ... 266.11 . nocu ructar a fascc till notice of it has been served 302.1 Comm . más inddetbirus fodera don fechemuin ... can fasc na hathgabala do breith, 300 x Comm . ma [sic leg.] romeatha a fasc forsin fer cuibnighter `if the man who has impounded has failed to give notice' iv 106.11 . frithsrethar fasc frithslicht, i 268.11 (cf. gurab fasc frithslicht 288.16 ). g s. do breth a faiscc , ii 72.16 Comm . i nemmbreth in faiscc, i 300z. Comm .

(b) transf. a pound for cattle: fasc .i. gobang, Lec. Gl. 351 . Stowe Gl. 369 . fasc `a fetter or shackle ... an enclosure ... for cattle, ... a jail or prison' P. O'C. a bha ... a chapaill ar f.¤ impounded Ó Bruad. i 84 . By extension, a covert, glade (?): fairge is f.¤ is feorluibhe ` coverts ', Ó Bruad. iii 78 .

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