fathi, fáthi

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: faithe

n Here perhaps faithe, IGT. Decl. § 2 . a compd. of 2 tí `circuit,' (but see ZCP xxxi 51 ), meaning primarily an involution, encompassing (?), a wrapping, enveloping (of a garment) (?): brat ... i faithi imbi folded, wrapped (?) TBC-I¹ 3200 . cassán ... i fadi uasu, TBC-LL¹ 5310 = bhi forcibul, TBC-I¹ 3247 (cassán in such contexts regularly means `pin,' `brooch,' TBC may be corrupt here). faithe .i. aoinfilleadh ēdaigh, O'Cl. Cf. cael fathe imenaisc fidhu, O'Dav. 1299 (`a slender fibre' Stokes). By extension a cloak (?): roling C. for a gaisced & rogab fathi immi. in cetna fathi rogab immi romaid fair co torchair a delg asa láim conid and atbert C.: ni bidba bratt beres robud, LL 119a35 - 37 . focheird fathi [fáthi LU] n-imbi, TBC-I¹ 1276 = focheird fáthi ferge dia brutt taris co tarla dar in corthi clochi he whirled his cloak angrily (?) TBC-LL¹ 1983 . cf. ro la fade di leind deirg | a mbi la fe fian for leirg [leg. imbi la fé fiad ?] ZCP xiii 256.19 . foruapratar ... in cathraig co rolasat faithe fiangaiscid impe a valorous circuit (?) Anecd. ii 54.13 . Cf. cend fo chonduala .i. na fathe, O'Mulc. 217 .

Cf. 1 fath.