2 ferb

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Forms: fearba

n [ā, f.] (see RC viii 498 , xxv 282 and Jn. Celt. Stud. ii 114 ) a blister (raised on the face by satire or moral blemish): f.¤ .i. bolg do cuirethar in duine fora gruadaibh iar n-aír no iar ngúbreith, Corm. Y 584 . fearb .i. bolg fhásas ar aghaidh, O'Cl. fearb .i. bolg, Lec. Gl. 157 . co tuidhich fuil cridhe crōdhai | f.¤ for gruaidhe, ACL iii 295.20 . ferb bolc ut dicitur turcbait ferba fora gruadaib iar cílbrethaib, LU 790 ( ACC 52 ). comdar ferba fulachta for a gruaide iar cil-brethaib, Laws iv 14.30 (glossed: na bolga, 16.6 ). fearba ib. 16.2 (see on these passages, Bergin, Ériu xii 199 ). Cf. fearb (fearbh v.l.) gaoithe (gh. v.l.) `blast of wind' Ir. Monthly 1923, 642 § 22 (poem of 13th or 14th cent.), perh. a fig. use of this word.