achtugad, echtugud

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Last Revised: 2019

n u,m. vn. of 2 achtaigid, echtaigid act of stipulating, making a condition; stipulation, condition : madh ro hachtaiged cinne airithe hecnairce ann, acht madh ro gabad an t-achtugad sin 'if a particular kind of ...prayer was stipulated and that that which was agreed upon has been recited', Laws v 212.13 . is achtugadh ro achtaighestur [leg. achtaighsetur ?] hicfaidis a cinuidh 'there was a stipulation...that they would not pay for his crimes', Laws ii 170-176 . co n-eachtugud erce ann fo cetoir, Cóic Con. 34 § 38 . da raib a.¤ orra is a nic amlaidh, Laws iii 152.16 Comm. ma ta a.¤ airithe air eturru `if there be a particular stipulation respecting it between them', 270.1 Comm. ┐ a.¤ ice uil and, ii 374.25 Comm. mas achtudh a coraib bel is a beth ar [in] achtudh sin, v 188.28 Comm. in clann ro rine rias in achtugadh `the children whom he begot before the stipulation', iii 309.24 Comm.

Cf. echtugad.