2 fert

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[n ā, f. ] a shaft or pole (?) (`axletree', O'Curry, MS Glossary), used apparently like `fertas' of the hind-poles projecting from a chariot: a brat itir di fert in charpaid siar IT ii2 242.18 . cumraigis [in dam allaid] itir dia ḟeirt in charpait, TBC-I¹ 690 = da fert LU. itir di fert in charpait 703 (YU). bae cenn airech air ar feirt, | for ar sithbi bae egairc, Rawl. 158.2 = for ar firt, BB 153b36 , for airbirt, LL 331c21 . ZCP viii 333.14 (but latter reading unmetrical). ? COMPD.: fert-bacán: a hook or fixture of some kind attached to the `fert' of a chariot when unyoked , as a stay or rest (?): cengailter na heich ┐ cuiriter na carb(ait) et a f.¤—bacana iaraind arna cairbth[e]chaibh nach scailedh RC xi 319.32 (cf. ceangoilter ar bfrithbhacain iarnoidhe ar na carbaduibh, ZCP x 290.25 .