1 airle

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Forms: airli

, f. Also airli ( d s. for n s.?). Used as vn. of airlithir.

(a) act of advising, giving counsel; counsel, advice: ecnaid cráibthech dot airli advising thee, Ériu i 197 § 15 . do a.¤ comairli duid-siu, IT ii2 190.26 ( do thabuirt comuirli duit-si, v.l.). cate for n-arle?, MU² 969 . tāthut a.¤ lim-sa fris, Sc.M² 3 . tathut a.¤ limsa de, LU 9668 . cade do airlisiu immi, 9750 . ni fo airmirt ind a.¤ , YBL 136b12 . is hī mo a.¤ dūib . . ., ACL iii 3.27 . cen a a.¤ dam without his being advised by me, Lism. L. 184 . ba hí a.¤ ro cinnsiot, AFM vi 2060.1 . measam airli iargāis wisdom after the event is the most useless kind of advice(?), ACL iii 230.152 . ar it ferr airli oldās a.¤ for the counsels of many are better than the advice of one, ZCP xi 86 § 42 . Liag ropo lán d'arlib, LL 205bz . airle .i. comhairle, O'Cl.

(b) act of deliberating, considering, taking counsel: a mbath . . . ac arle ind rig `while they held counsel about a king', Ériu vi 134.32 . bátar a chéli oc airli a n-airle immuich their enemies were considering their plan outside, MU² 977 . ro tinoilet in uile rigraid . . . do denum a n-a.¤ a naenbaile, BB 426a22 .

(c) handling, management, treatment: arna érbarthar o chretsit nintá airli armban gl. subditas uiris suis `we have not the management(?) of our wives', Wb. 31c7 . issed as doirbem de uerbo airli sechmadachti foirbthi gl. cuius difficillime est tractatio `the treatment(?) of the perfect preterite', Sg. 168a1 . dligid rimæ oc airli kal—`the law of calculating in settling(?) the kalends', 181a8 . issí ar [n]daga.¤ (sic leg.) gl. contenti sumus, we are well provided for, Wb. 29b17 . ba móu epert in cach ré / a.¤ Dé fri hErind [n-]ūaig, Hail Brigit 2 . forbond dodomanic as dom moo áirli as dom moo cumachtu, LU 10012 = ZCP xviii 197 (`welche gewaltiger ist als meine Handlungs-fähigkeit').