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Forms: fíalas, —ais, —asa

n u, o, m. (cf. 3 fíal) fíalas (g s. n p. —ais, —asa) IGT, Decl. § 38 .

(a) consanguinity, kinship, relationship: ba focus a fialus a ndís the two were near relatives PH 862 . is fagus t'ḟuil ┐ t'f.¤ dam, CF 144 . is e so cardius Crist ┐ na n-apstal do neoch isa fialus boi fris dib of such of them as were related to him LB 151by . iar n-imcein fialusa in distant relationship Laws iii 488.6 Comm. muna rabhut in treas glun d'fh.¤ diblinaibh the third degree of kinship (i.e. second cousins) Marco P. 180 . d'ḟachraibe a ḟialusa, MR 238.13 . tre chomhmbáidh fialasa sympathy of kinship Keat. i p. 50.20 . daoine ... da ḟine fein ┐ da ḟialus, AFM vi 2148.7 . In concrete sense a relative (?): a cho[m]slointhe .i. fialusa, Laws ii 380.22 . Affinity (fig. ): is inann `analogia' ┐ fialas éigintech ... chum gabála na foirme `a necessary affinity for the assumption of form' O'Gr. Cat. 254.20 . cosmailes ┐ fialas na foirime ... ┐ brighi disle in leighis `similarity and analogy of the form of the medicine to and with the proper virtue of the same' 234.13 . copulatio literarum ... .i. ... comthinol na litir cona fialus, Auraic. 1747 .

(b) kindred, family: fualas no fialas .i. muinntear go lionn a fualais .i. a fialais .i. a muinntire, O'Cl. (ref. to co lín a fualais, Dinds. 26 ; 82 ). gur fhógair Dia do Abraham ... teach a athar ┐ a fhialas do thréigean, TSh. 8424 .