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Forms: fini, fine, finiu, fine, fine, —da, f., f., fine, finigheacha, fine, fin-

n , f. ( Mélanges ... à H. Pedersen 1937 p. 104 ). a s. fini, Wb. 28a4 . (g s. fine, Thes. ii 295.13 may belong to fíne). Later also io, m. a p. finiu, Rawl. 124b48 . fine (m. and f., pl. fine, —da) IGT, Decl. § 1 .

(a) a group of persons of the same family or kindred ; as techn. term a group of male persons of common descent, the members of which were legally responsible for each other and had certain reciprocal obligations; the f.¤ embraced four divisions, the gelfine (family proper, including 3 generations), derbfine, iarfine and indfine (including 4, 5 and 6 generations resp.), each group extending to a remoter degree of kinship and the measure of common legal responsibility being proportionately diminished; the f.¤ had a recognized living head, entitled variously áige fine, conn f.¤ , art f.¤ ( Mélanges ... à H. Pedersen 302 ) or cenn f.¤ Other `fine'-relations of a more or less temporary nature might be formed for special reasons. See Laws iv 282ff . and Gloss.; Thurn., Cóic Con. 44 . RC vii 15 , 22 ; xxv 4 ff ., 181 ff .; MacNeill, Celtic Ireland 56 ff ., 171 ff . tu ṁ'aiccme, tu ṁ'ḟine thou art my clan and my kin TBC-LL¹ 3470 = TBC-I¹ 2659 . as iad so fineadha na Breudcha .i. O Tóghdha ... ┐ Ua Glaimín ..., Hy Fiach. 10 (cf. finedach). dedlaid fri fine, Laws iv 286.2 . on med addaimther i fini inasmuch as it is acknowledged as of the family ib. 3 . f.¤ tacair an adopted family; kindred by adoption Ir. Recht p. 7 , 62 . See 2 tacair. cach f.¤ iar comarbus, ACL iii 228.2 . flaithius ríg nimhe | as ferr iná gach f.¤ , Acall. 1855 . Mathias ... do fhine Iobab (= ex filiis J. 1 Maccabees ii 1 ) PH 6535 . flaith cacha fini, SR 2726 (of God, cf. Ephes. iii 15 ). Used loosely of persons connected by some tie: ní mó iná f.¤ naenbair don Ḟéin rosoichedh ..., Acall. 564 . conach raibe f.¤ nonbuir dib ga[n] a ndaethin d'ór, 2197 .

(b) in wider sense, progeny, descendants, a clan, tribe, race: fini Gaedil, LL 4a20 . ar ḟini Iafeth, BB 8a5 . ollam f.¤ Néill the poet of the race of Niall TD 25.11 . fini Gall the settlers (`foreign tribes') 16.57 . f.¤ cuindgheda, IT iii 91 § 128 (`ein begehrliches Geschlecht' Bruchst. i § 36 ). ceitheora fine Theamhrach, Leb. Cert. 32.10 . cethre fine Temrach, MR 9 (see n .). for finib fodhaltaibh in domain, CCath. 50 . fineadhadha na Breifne, AFM vi 1886.14 . na fineadhacha-sa uile nations Deuteronomy xi 23 . finigheacha, Maguires of F. § 4 . Transf. of territory occupied by a tribe: hui F. eter Liphi ┐ finiu Cualann, Rawl. 124b48 . F.¤ Gall, in North Co. Dublin, Onom. rogab foss ic finib Flaind, Metr. Dinds. ii 58 . bráthair f.¤ one belonging to the same `fine': na braithre f.¤ sin baoi ag Coin cC. (of Cú Chulaind's friends among the `Sídhe') ZCP x 294.33 . sét f.¤ a treasure belonging to a family or race, an heirloom: corbo sed f.¤ do in claideb, IT iii 201.5 . gur' sét f.¤ do righraidh S. in cloch sin, Marco P. 169 . a sheotu f.¤ , 82 . seóidi ḟini na hairdrīghe, Ériu viii 135.7 . An abbreviated form fin- enters into many compds., including proper names, see below and Meyer Wortk. § 213 .

(c) a single kinsperson : nech orcas a fini gl. homicidis, Wb. 28a4 . arfocairer dechmad do fini fiachaig i fiadan frecnarcus 'ten days notice is given in the presence of witnesses to a [member of the] fine who has become liable', Celtica x 33 . fine taccuir 'kinsman by invitation', EIWK 44 .

Cf. bronn—, corp—, derb—, gel—, iar— and ind-fine.

Compd. finebretha kin-judgements CIH ii 388.18 , GEIL 270 . fine-guth family voice , fine-chruth family appearance , fine-bés family behaviour Éigse xv 320 , GEIL 103: co'rrucad a mmac i fini-chruth ino i fine-guth no i fini-tés (sic) 'until her son had assumed the form, voice or habit of the sept' PMLA lvi 941 . mad mac cunntabartach … is anad fris, no co tuca fine-guth ┐ fine-cruth ┐ fine-bes, Laws v 454.16 Comm . fine-rath tribal stock: fineraith [leg. —rath] [.i.] doberar isin ḟini tall, SM Facs. 5b1 .