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Last Revised: 2019

n, n. vn. of ar-ling. act of jumping forward(?). Used of a type of trespass, perh. temporary trespass, involuntary trespass . Of animals: tait airlimenda imadichet smachta; cach airlim ria coin no duine; no airlim naibil no omna, no airlim neicne cipsí, Laws iv 92.x . na herlimeanna doslia dilse, 104.6 Comm. treidib miach miter cach nethemain . . . ar airlim; bera de dartaig ar feis, ar is feis cach lige cach tarraidhe, airlim acht na deilset nach tartaidhe, acht tartaide and iar naidh[ch]e, 78.9 (= O'Dav. 694 ) .i. eric airlime orra acht na ro laigit ann, 80.9 Comm. da miach ina feis miach ina n-a.¤ `two sacks for feis trespass and one for a.', 25 Comm. oircc peata bis a lis no a faithche lingeas eirlím a ngort faithche fa di, 108.10 . cairig imorro it smachta airlime do suidib ar ni fil fesa doib, 108.5 Comm. imling in trét oenurlim, O'D. 1671 (H 5.15, p. 25b). tri meich ar tri hairleman, O'Curry 843 ( H 3.18, 384a ). Of bees: ar is do airlimennaib sin na tuilli aithgein na smacht la comaithchiu .i. airlim dia n-airister a n-érae fris 'for it is in respect of those "leaping-trespasses" that it does not entail restitution or fine among neighbours, i.e. a 'leaping-trespass' for which it comes about that they are refused in spite of him', Bechbretha 186 (b)​ . Cf. forlaim(m).