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Forms: fobairthea

v (ber—) lit. brings under , hence

(a) abases, subdues, impairs (?): ? domruacht bochta fombera LL 37c40 ( Auraic. 5343 ).

(b) in follg. ex. with acc. of thing, seems = introduces, occasions (Lat. subigere): cet[h]arda fobera fiannas do duine .i. doimairg cricha, etc., four (evils) which soldiering will bring upon man (?) ZCP iii 453.12 (for fodera ?).

(c) dips, submerges: pass. past subj. cu fobairthea cend na slegi sin issind lind LL 267b20 ( MU² 732 ). ro foibred na fiarlanna isna lennaib fichecha a slessaib na saerclann `were tempered' Ériu viii 44.17 . See fobairt and fobride, and cf. fo-geir.

(d) passes under (?): (with —ro—) asberat araile ... forbered [Fergus] muire ┐ uisce samlaid, O'C. 776 (< H 3. 18, 364a ; cf. eolus fobarta fo muirib ib.) = imteghed fo muirib, Laws i 72.13 .