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v corrodes, wastes, consumes (?) (trans. and intr.): is mé Oengus céle Dé | coemdos glē clēre fodchna, SR 8010 (a bright i.e. burning bush consumed with zeal ? perh. reflex.). is tochrus im oibil .i. tarcud febe im molc fochná, O'Mulc. 758 . meni torsed ... bās do M. arforbertais na nathracha ind ┐ focnafed ana faigbet béo i nHérinn what they found alive in Ireland would have wasted away Dinds. § 13 . = focnafed ana fuigbead beo, BB 358a34 . Corresp. to: nathir ... cnáifed ... slóg ... na senÉrend, Metr. Dinds. ii 62.11 . LL has cona farcbaidis [`d' uncertain in facs.] anmanna beo. Cf. fochnám.