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n ā, f. (vn. of fo-éitsi) used in Glosses to equate Lat. subaudire; only in phrase: i f.¤ understood, implied: biid `est' hi foetsecht (gl. si dicam `non bonus homo' ... subaudio `est') Sg. 27b2 . frisan ainmm nád ḟil hi coibgi acht hi fóetsecht which is not in the context but understood 69a13 . issed bís isind foeitsecht this is what is to be under stood Ml. 114a17 . maní be `tempus' hi foitsecht, 23a7 . logh bó ... ná tard for aird do beth a foeitsecht aigi `he has in reserve the value ... which he does not bring into the account' Laws iv 132.24 Comm.