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Forms: fofia, fo-fenar

v gets back an equivalent, recovers (expenditure) (?) : 3 s. fut. and pass. pres. ar asrenar fofia, ar is ó ulcc fo-fenar [adfenar, fofechar MSS.] olcc for whatever is paid out he will get back, for evil is got back from (repaid by) evil (?) ZCP xi 85 § 39 (cf. Hermathena 19. 93 - 4 ). toing do Dia fond-ḟiadsa [leg. fond-ḟia so, Thurn.] timtirechta ┐ bessu ┐ huide ┐ gnimu aitire hi taig frimsa swear that thou wilt fulfil. carry out (?) Bürgschaft p. 22 § 65a .