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v (gel- `graze') grazes, feeds on, consumes ; of animals: dia foigela ēnlaith Mag M. TBC² 1043 (= LU 5526 ). Treated as simple vb.: isinni fogeilus in athgabail amuith .i. na mēith [ = mēich] which the (animal taken in) distress con- sumes ... i.e. the sacks of corn Laws i 270z Comm. (Fig.) lives on (a person), is a charge to, battens on: ni racu tuath dámrad ríg ┐ espuic diam di gress fosngelat, Laws iv 338.23 (= ni rucai, etc., Críth Gablach 602 ).

Vn. fogelt, q.v.