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Forms: foroglana

v (glan)

(a) cleanses: (fig.) idna foghluma foglana cach nuad nanglan, O'Don. 2217 ( Nero A 7, 149 ).

(b) clears away (?) hence clears off, wipes out, discharges (a debt, obligation, etc.) (?) (or is this for-glana ?): subj. pres. mana foroglana flaith ... seotu indliged eirnes (.i. muna firglana) `unless the chief ... has cleared the "seds" which he had unlawfully given' Laws ii 310.24 (312.4) = muna forglana 312.14 (with same gl.). acht foroglana .i. a(th)chur huada a seoit don flaith, O'C. 828 (< H 3.18 p. 380a , apparently excerpted from following ex.). is mesech (in cēle) a athchur ... acht forogglana seotu na flatha cona somaine O'Don. 1635 ( H 5.15 p. 17b ): `wenn er die [Lehns-] werte des Herrn bereinigt (abliefert)' Thurn., ZCP xvi 211 - 212 . See follg.