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Forms: -foigd-, fogeiss, ronfagde

v (guidid) protot. -foigd-, begs, entreats , absol. or with acc. of pers. or thing: Subj. pres. fogeiss in ríg beg of the king Ériu i 199.2 . ní foigis [foigdis, ḟaighdhe v.l.] ríg i nEre beg not of a king 200.3 . (later form :) cia foighe though he beg Laws iv 352.14 . ? pret. na tri Colmana dia ronfagde for whom thou hast solicited us BColm. 54.25 . ni di biud foguidter do biathad deissi no trir, O'Curry 805 (< H 3.18, 373a ).

Vn. foigde, q.v.