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Forms: folabrad, folabrad, folabrad

n m. talking or conversing in an undertone, whispering; talking at the same time as someone else: folabra gúach `false grumbling ' (whispering slanders? A sign of folly) Tec. Corm. § 14.7 = folabrad, LL 344b25 . folabrad n-insci (a sign of `droch-tacrae') 345e15 (= folabra, Tec. Corm. § 22.9 , folabrad v.l.). defined by O'Cl.: folabhra n-innsci .i. duine ag labhairt an fad do bheith duine eile ag tagra talking while another is pleading. cen falabra, ACL iii 319 § 81 = folabrad, LB 261b3 (rules for behaviour during mass). atcota flaith f.¤ , Anecd. iii 12 (= labrai, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. 13.13 ). allobhair .i. folabra, O'Dav. 144 . folabhra .i. labhairt mhaith, O'Cl. (an

Cf. Thr. Ir. Gl. 20 cited under 1 fola.